Bardo Press Index
Here is an abridged listing of various press articles from the archives.

Wash Post Going Out Gurus...

Prince of Petworth

Frozen Tropics

Titan of Trinidad

Good Fermentables

Bardo wins Gold medal at 1996 GABF

Bardo wins silver medal at 1994 GABF New Brewer Nov 1995

Bardo wins bronze medal 1999 Australian IBA 

Best Brewpub in DC Award-- Washingtonian Magazine July 1996

Grunge king of Wilson blvd Beer the Magazine July 1995

Art on Tap Cool Sights, Cold Brews Washington Post Aug 1996

A Macro demand for microbrews USA Today (cover) Oct 1993

Ningaloo writeup  Oct 1998
Ningaloo W-Post  washington Post  Oct 1998
Bardo sires twins washingtonian Oct 1998

Old car shop tapped for brewery pub Washington business Journal (cover) Feb 1993

Best Bar Staff -Listeners pick Award WHFS Radio dec 1994 (no link for Audio-yet)

Readers picks -Winners -Cool Bar Washingtonian Magazine july 1995

Bardo: Pleasant purgatory for beer lovers Ale Street News june 1993

Bardo branches out to venture with Chanpion Billiards Feb 1996

Best Jukebox- Listeners Pick Award WHFS Radio Dec 1995 (no link for Audio-yet)

Amdo's Drinkin',Jukin', Tibetan Mix Wash. Post Dec 1991

Roratanga Rodeo says Aloha to BBQ Iguana wash. post Sept 1990

On Tap Financing Virginia Business Magazine July1993

Tales of Tibetan Tipple Barleycorn May 1994

Letter from Anchor Brewing (includes some old labels-1976&up- from Fritz Maytag) sept 1993

A Flap in Arlington City Paper Oct 1990

All the King's men Washington Post Jan 1995

Smith Arrested at Bar San Francisco Examiner Oct 1993

CNN report On Willian Kennedy Smith Oct 1993 (coming soon)

Arlington County Line The Pint Post summer 1994

Totem Pole Barleycorn May 1996

Out with the Olds, in with Bardo Washington Post June 1993

Fighting Words People Magazine Nov 1993

Bardo Rodeo All About Beer july 1993

International Interior Design Asso. Newsletter fall 1995

Coasting American Brewer june 1995

Voice of America Broadcast (Tibetan) jan 1993

Hot Nights out Washingtonian Oct 1993
Restaurants Washingtonian Aug 1993

New Brewpubs pour into Virginia Brickskeller jan 1994

The Season's Seasoned Brews Wash Post. nov 1994

Weekend Happenings-Roratonga Rodeo Wash. Times Oct 1990

How true is your brew? Details Magazine Dec 1995

Hot tables Washingtonian Magazine june 1995
Drinks to sink Where magazine aug 1995

Brewpub Crawl Washingtonian aug 1996

All the Brews fit to print Wash. Post apr 1994

BWilson Web Page Review Mar 1996

Winter Warmers Southern Draft News Feb 1995

Endangered Tibet (Galen Rowell Lecture) Sponsored by Bardo oct 1995

Brew News Malt Advcate May 1995

Gold Medal GABF 1996