by John Hansell

There were about 1200 beers featured at the Great American Beer Festival (October 21 & 22, 1994). If U.S. breweries can make beer with white chocolate, peated malt, and various fruits and spices, they must be creative enough to come up with a good name or two. Here's some of the more interesting ones:

My personal favorite is the "What the Man on the Floor is Having," a strong ale brewed by McGuire's Irish Pub & Brewery.

Bardo Rodeo always has a few interesting ones, Dremo Tibetan Big Foot (6% ABW), and Beat My Wheat American wheat are two.

From Big Time Brewery Co., there's "Mud in Yer Rye Ale," made with two kinds of rye.

I was afraid to try or even smell Goat Beer by Birkebeiner Brewing Co., Dog's Breath Brown by Heavenly Daze Brewery, and Duck's Breath Bitter by McNeill's Brewery.

Then there's SOB's ESB, a popular brew from the Bluegrass Brewing Co.

Who can forget a name like Darryl's Pig Pounder from the Brandever U.S.A., Inc. or Three Blind Monks, a Belgian-style ale from the Coyote Springs Brewing Co.

Bikers will take a liking to Hell's Canyon Harley Wine, Deschutes' Strong Ale.

Dixie Brewing Co. has their "Holy Smoke" Rauch beer to complement their Voodoo beers and their White Moose (made with white chocolate).

Dock Street's Thomas Jefferson's Ale, while not humorous, is one for the historian beer drinkers. It's modeled after a Thomas Jefferson original recipe.

How can I not mention Doggie Style Amber Ale by the Flying Dog Brew pub. Everyone was wearing the stickers (some in rather precarious locations). They also produce Rin Tin Tan Brown Ale.

Great Basin Brewing Company goes prehistoric with their Ichthyosaur Pale Ale, named after Nevada's favorite fossil.

Lovers of the classics will get a kick out of Katcher's Rye, by Berger Brewing Company. And, for all you two fisted drinkers, there's Amber-Dextrous Ale from Huntington Beach Beer Co.

New prohibitionists should check out Ale Capone and Untouchable Scotch Ale by Martha's Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Co. (Their back bar was once owned by Al Capone.)

New Belgium Brewing Co. treads on us with their Flat Tire Amber Ale.

Otto Brother's Brewing Co.'s got Moose Juice Stout, described as a "user friendly" brew.

Richbrau Brewery has their Big Nasty. And they must have had a heart when they brewed their Poe's Tell Tale Ale.

San Diego's Riptide Brewery has Whales Tale Pale Ale, with a rhyming theme if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure if the name was thoroughly tested, but the Santa Fe Brewing Company brews a Chicken Killer Barley Wine.

For all you Woodstock throwbacks, there's Tye Dye Premium Lager, with a tye-dyed label and a peace sign on the cap (Exhibit A).

Weidman's Brew Pub has a seasonal brew called Four Seasons (Go figure).

Wynkoop brewed a Dean and Rog's One Eyed Pilsner, made "with our house ale yeast and a sarcastic dose of morning air."

Finally, the Specialty Brewing Co. made me laugh with their beer, simply called "Lager" (Specialty Brewing Co., get it?).

Next year, we'll check out the Great British beer festival and see what names they have brewing.

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