V01.01 June 12,1996
On a recient visit to Washington DC, I visited the Bardo Rodeo Microbrewery in Arlington Virgina, about five blocks from Roslyn at 2000 Wilson Blvd. The main Bardos attraction is a wide selection of fine brews. The styles include light wheats, scottish ales, lagers, porters, and stouts. The flavors include some hoppy, some near sweet, a barley wine, and fruit augmented brews.

Bardo's brews 24 beers on site along with serving over a dozen specialty beers and ales.

Formerly the Olmstead Oldsmobile Dealership, Bardo Rodeo claims to be the largest brewpub in the country with over 24 pool tables on three floors including huge no-smoking areas (beer doesn't have to taste like tobacco smoke). On the third floor, the record player is the back end of a Cadillac. At the car bar, the web page author strikes a pose while practicing for roadkill.

The decor is eclectic "car art" and the ceilings, walls, floors, and doors are covered with the signed works of local artists. Larger than two gymnasiums, it takes a while to see all of the art but it is worth the trip. For example, behind the bar, the paper towel dispenser is in the lower left corner. On the second floor, the walls of the non-smoking pool room are decorated with anatomical drawings such as this seven foot tall, head shot. In the front, a Plymouth Fury is parked midway through a plexiglass window next to a parking sign. Not shown is the 20 ft. tall, 4 ft. diameter totem pole whose middle character has his tongue tipped in a mug and is crowned by barley, hops, and an eagle.

On the first floor in a non-smoking area which is the size of a basketball court, there is a sandbox for baby sitter's charges. Not shown, this floor holds some of the working, industrial grade brewing tanks. The rest are located in a refrigerated room.