Bardo beer is HERE!

And Bardo is moving on to its 4th incarnation

25 Potomac Ave SE   DC

750 outdoor seats,   cornhole, river,  and beer

HOURS:  Variable. Roughly, when its above 55 Deg

Open 5pm weekdays, 1pm weekends

on Nats Game days, we open 2 hours before the game starts

Close: Midnite every nite

1200-1216  Bladensburg Rd is shut down for now.

Bardo beer  descriptions

facebook   twitter-- @bardobeer  twitter- @bardawgdc

Send us an e-mail at---  info {at} or 762-233-7070

22 Best Beer Gardens in America




Bardo is available for private parties and fundraisers. Just contact us ( email or stop by) for more details


Here are a few links, for you reading pleasure...

Press Clips-lots of reading material here

QT VR of Old Bardo interior one--- two--- three

for your Bardo reading pleasure